Chord Inversions for Solos and Improvisation

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Chord Inversions for Solos and Improvisation In my last post, I covered "What are Chord Inversions and Triads?" Now let's apply that knowledge to soloing and improvising. We all get stuck in various ruts - the pentatonic box, starting on the root/tonic key, etc. Knowing where the chord inversions are for the key you're playing in [...]

Pentatonic Minor vs Pentatonic Major

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Pentatonic Minor vs. Pentatonic Major So what's the difference between Pentatonic Minor and Pentatonic Major? Well, simplistically speaking, 3 frets! For example, if you're playing in the key of A (minor or major), you can utilize either scale based solely on your preference. Here they are, diagrammed out: A minor Pentatonic           [...]

All My Love Synthesizer Solo – For Guitar

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All My Love Synthesizer Solo - For Guitar In 1979, Led Zeppelin released their "In Through The Out Door" album. This album was pretty soft compared with their earlier works. John Paul Jones had a bigger influence on the songwriting on this album. As a matter of fact, the only two original Zeppelin songs to not [...]

Phrasing Techniques

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Phrasing Techniques One of the things I love most about the guitar is that there are many ways to play a given phrase / melody line. i first really started appreciating this when I first started listening to and watching Steve Vai. Specifically the "For the Love of God" solo. Watching the way he plays the [...]

Just What I Needed Guitar Solo

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Just What I Needed Guitar Solo Here is a run-through of the guitar solo from the classic Cars song "Just What I Needed". Elliot Easton is a fantastic guitar player and always played catchy, memorable solos. This is one of my favorites of his. I hope you enjoy! Download the tab here. Full speed: 0:22 Slow [...]