Neck Illusions Demo, Install, and Review

By | July 25th, 2017|Categories: Demo, Review, Videos|

Neck Illusions Demo, Install, and Review Neck Illusions offers really cool fretboard artwork and also offers custom jobs where you can upload your own designs. I custom-designed fretboard artwork for my Pi-Pi guitar. In the video I show the artwork, the installations and give a review.

Phrasing Techniques

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Phrasing Techniques One of the things I love most about the guitar is that there are many ways to play a given phrase / melody line. i first really started appreciating this when I first started listening to and watching Steve Vai. Specifically the "For the Love of God" solo. Watching the way he plays the [...]

Rig Rundown

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Rig Rundown This is my rig as of March, 2017. :00 - :20 Guitar :20 - :39 Amp :39 - 5:57 Pedals 5:57 - 7:48 Pedalboard Board Guitar: G&L ASAT Tribute Pedals in order: tc electronic polytune Dunlop Cry-Baby Wah Mooer Tender Octaver tc electronic SPARK Electro-Harmonix Soul Food Blackstar LT Dual MXR Phase 90 Boss [...]